New Voyage aviation obstruction lights are designed to outline the hazards to aviation with white or red lighting. Our products have been ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certified from USA Intertek and complied with standards of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and long service life reaching 100000hours. Built-in photocell can let light work automatically at night, closed during the day.

Medium-intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

The peak intensity(cd) of New Voyage aviation light would change according to given background luminance with built in photocell.

High-intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and service life of light source reaching 100000hours.

Medium-intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

Solar Obstruction light can work at night automatically by solar panel which function is equal to photocell sensor with New technology application.  

Aircraft Warning Sphere

New Voyage Aircraft Waring Sphere is used for transmission lines, eg. 110KV, 220KV,500KV, transmission cables to  to provide warning marks.


New voyage aviation light are used to make hazardous structure more visible to aircraft such as telecommunications masts, overhead power lines and towers, high buildings and bridges, power plant chimneys and cooling towers, wind turbines, harbour cranes, flare stacks, oil & gas field derricks and tanks. Our products have been used all over the world such as Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Hong Kong TVB Tower, Singapore and Hong Kong airport etc.

Our Advantage

New Voyage aviation obstruction lights have long service life up to 10 yeras. LED installed on obstruction lights last 15 times longer than traditional light source, incandescent light. Incorporates the benefits of strong corrosion resistance, shock and vibrations protection and UV protection make the lights suitable for tough conditions.

New Voyage aviation obstruction lighting have been certified from USA Intertek and complied with standards of ICAO and FAA. CST lighting are suitable for any part of the world.

New Voyage aviation obstruction lighting have passed the technology and quality test of CAAC and meet the standards of CAAC.

We provide every client with professional complete solution from Design, Production, Quality Control, Guidance installation to Delivery.

Very Low Consumption keeps the lighting a long service life more than ten years.

New Voyage always focus on high quality of the lighting and reliable service.

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About Us

Guangzhou New Voyage Technology Co.,Ltd is an enterprise which devote itself to research, production, and sales of aviation obstruction lights, helipad lighting, airfield lighting and marine navigation light products since 2012.


CST is New Voyage’s Aviation Obstruction Lights range. Engineered entirely on LED base, CST’s Low, Medium and High intensity devices are one of the best products available today. High performance, easy installation and virtually free maintenance, allow Customers and Installers to add considerable value to their projects. All devices are ICAO certified.

With a complete range of devices (Low Intensity Type A and B, Medium Intensity Type A, B and C and High Intensity Type A and B), CST is the complete solution you are looking for.

ICAO Certificate

New Voyage aviation light have been ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certified from USA Intertek (certificer). We manufacture the obstruction lighting according to the standards of ICAO. Also specification can be customized for clients to meet the requirements of national Civil Aviation Organization.

ICAO Certificate of CS-810

Low-intensity aviation light

ICAO Certificate of CS-864-B Medium-intensity Type B Aviation Light

ICAO Certificate of CS-864-B 

 Medium-intensity Type B Aviation Light

ICAO Certificate of CS-864 Medium-intensity Aviation Light

ICAO Certificate of CS-856

      High-intensity Type A Aviation Light

ICAO Certificates

ICAO Certificate of CS-865

Medium-intensity Type A Aviation Light


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